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Pre-Sales Service: For Perfect lighting design, with no Compromise

For more than 18 years, StrongLED has been actively involved in over 5,000 LED lighting projects and accumulated rich experience in cooperating with top lighting designers in the world. Currently, we have obtained over one hundred invention and LED product utilities patents. In addition, we have abundant experience and strength in overall development of lighting control system as well as softwares, electronic circuit designs, IC development, optics and mechanical structure of LED lighting fixtures.

We have capabilities and knowhow to meet the design vision of top LED lighting designers. Further, we can offer technical suggestions, lighting selection, customization, lighting effects and installation method optimization and maintenance strategy; maximally solve all possible problems before project construction.


In-Sales Service: Taking customer benefit as the highest priority and customer demands as the only standard.

Vertical integration of R&D, design, prototype production, tests, batch production and quality control, Strongled owns a R&D [software/hardware] Center and manufacturing base of over 30000m2, where we have equipped high automation production equipment, high precision photometric and reliability testing laboratories. We have comprehensive control of resources integration, development flexibility and quality control, and knowledgeable team of engineers and project management that take customer's use experience and benefits into consideration at development and execution phases. As a result, we can develop state-of-the art indoor and outdoor lighting control system solutions and offer a large and comprehensive ranges of LED lighting products at the most competitive price and cost performance.


After-Sales Service and Spares Support: Responsive and efficient service

With more than 10 years of deep development and sales in LED markets, StrongLED set up technical support department in the offices of various places which ensure services can be delivered in the shortest time after the projects are completed. In response speed, internal information transfer and customer complain management efficiency, StrongLED are much superior over those domestic LED lights manufacturers which offer outsourced control systems and large factories I the world which get the development capability by merger and acquisition. These superiorities form StrongLED’s core competitiveness.


As a leading world leading provider of LED architectural and landscape lightings and control system solutions, StrongLED carries out all processes according to the standards to be world leading provider including technology development, efficient production, quality control and real-time after-sales service and spares supports. This is the only way to be world leading and help our clients to compete and successfully complete leading projects worldwide.